Online appointment booking made simple with a 3-step setup process

Customers can only see the times that you’re available, as well as the length and type of meeting you prefer, when they choose a meeting slot from your calendar. Your calendar quickly fills up, and no one sends out too many emails.

1. Set your availability. Booking rules make it simple and flexible
Simply enter the available services and working hours for you and your staff for your booking page to be ready. Add buffers, block times, or irregular available hours to replicate your real-life schedule. No double bookings!

2. Share your calendar with your customers
Share your online appointment booking page URL with your customers in emails, texts, brochures, etc. Start accepting appointments on your website by integrating 

3. Accept online bookings hassle-free 24/7
Give customers the convenience to self-schedule, cancel reschedule and book recurring appointments using our booking system

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Easily the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage your client appointments online giving you the peace of mind that your bookings are being handled professionally while you get on with your daily business!


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