How We Use Your Data

The following data is collected, stored and transmitted to us:

The use of the scan function when collecting books or comics media requires access to the camera function.
Entered search terms
User’s name
User’s email address
User’s telephone number
User’s country of residence
Book or comic sale price
Book or comic title
Book or comic condition
Sales price
The data is also stored in our system.

The book or comic book image is collected from the user camera

The collection of other personal data as part of the registration process serves to prevent misuse of the services or the email address used.

The data is deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary for achieving the purpose of its collection, excluding registration data.

If you locate a buyer or seller on our app or website then your email address, telephone, country of residence will be sent to the seller or buyer.

The customers responsibility to arrange delivery and accept and collect payments for their books or comics.

We reserve the right to makes changes to these data privacy guidelines from time to time.